office life?

ASAP PLZ takes you back to office politics and water cooler chats but in a 16-bit universe.

YRS TRULYGood Praxis
Game box artwork depicting a woman with red hair sitting at a desk, a man standing in the background with a teriffied facial expression while pieces of paper float around an office room.


Inspired by our favourite video games of the early 90s, it’s made for SEGA* Mega Drive and features the familiar three-button controller scheme.

You can play it in your browser or download it on your computer. Don't forget to share it with your workmates!

Screenshot showing the game's title screen, similar to the boxartScreenshot showing a level in the game that contains a projector

Get the game

What you’ll download is called a ‘ROM’. You’ll need an emulator to run this. We recommend Retroarch or OpenEmu.


YRS TRULYGood Praxis
*This game is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by SEGA. Brought to you by content powerhouse YRS TRULY and the digital heroes at Good Praxis.